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We found a bunch of corrections that needed to be made, so we made them and ordered another proof copy which arrived this morning. If all looks OK, I will push the publish button Sunday night and you all will be able to order copies on Amazon by Tuesday. Stay tuned for more developments. If you sign up for email notifications (above), you will be notified as soon as I post it.


Well, OK, I was a bit premature on the last posting. Another reading of the proof uncovered a handful of minor punctuation and grammar changes, so here we go again. I am now estimating that the book will be published and orderable but Friday. Maybe that’s optimistic, but that’s me, Jason Optimistic.


The printer has set up a direct order page. To order the book, just go to


Finally, if you would like to purchase a copy of the book you can now order it on

It is also available direct from the printer at: I would rather you ordered it from Amazon so that it will help our sales count. I would like to see the book being the number 1 best seller for at least a day!

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The Street Shrink ChroniclesThe Street Shrink Chronicles by Jason Wittman M.P.S.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think it is the greatest book I have ever written. It is easy for me to say that because it is the only book I have ever written. My first! Those who have read it find it a fairly fast read. Having read and reread it during the proofing process, I would agree.

The book is like a week in the life of a social worker, who works with teens on the streets of the neighborhood where he resides. Having lived that life for the greater part of 35 years, it is at once a time compressed version and a simplified version of working with upwards of 40 kids at a time.

If I had not written it, I would still like it.

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