street shrink


I have here in my not so grubby paws, two proof copies of the book. It looks wonderful!

It is really an amazing feeling to have a physical copy of a book I have been working on for all these years actually in my hand. Now comes the last part of the production process, actually reading it, one more time, to make sure everything is the way it ought to be. Once that is done, I will push the button and it will be available on Amazon, immediately.


The proof copies were printed today and are in the mail to me. I ought to get them on Sat. As soon as I make sure that they are correct and give the publishers the OK, they will be in Amazon’s catalog and Kindle’s catalog.

It’s a bit exciting!


I first started writing this book in 1983. I have been writing it, on and off, ever since. I found it very hard to write during the times when I was actively out on the streets working with kids. It kept looking like case notes rather than the semi-fictional novel I was wanting to write. The last couple of years has been the steadiest writing and it’s done!

I want to thank all the slow waiters in various restaurants. Lots of this novel was written waiting for food to be served. The rest was written in laundromats waiting for clothes to finish drying.

So all that needs doing now is to read the galleys when they arrive. Hopefully there will be no corrections to make so that the book will be available at by the first of December.